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Qingdao Ever Great Prosperity Corporation,a specialist in glass and frame manufacturer & exporter in China.Qingdao Ever Great Prosperity Corporation  jointly manufactures and exports a variety of glass products for Architectural, Decorative and Residential uses.And Frames for home decor,Building materials,Bathroom,Museum etc. We export Glasses and Frames to more than 126 countries on 6 continents and have been doing so for more than 15 years.So we are experienced.


Our goal is not only to provide high quality items, but also to maintain a friendly and longstanding  relationship with every customer. No matter how big or small your requirement we will do our best to meet all your demand.All our Ever Great persons are doing all our efforts to make you to do your right choice.And we are sure we are your best choice.



Our professionally trained  warehouse colleagues ensure that your glasses and frames are safely loaded.So that when you receive them,they are in the perfect condition. We are constantly evolving our packing and loading techniques,to ensure the easier off-loading and minimum breakage.Thus will make you got the biggest profit.


All of our Qingdao Ever Great Prosperity Corporation persons welcome you to contact us,when you have any other questions or inquiries,no mater you in anytime and anywhere.We sincerely wish the precious beginning cooperation with you.




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